monday's outfit, a mashup of designers.

I realized this morning that I actually have a closet full of black and gold... which could be a good or bad thing. I haven't decided which one outweighs the other. Tomorrow, I swear, I will try to add some sort of colour to my outfit. However, for the time being, I feel like today's outfit is quite cute. Maybe even a bit too cute... someone in class asked me if I was going to some event later on in the day. NO. I just like to dressup. GAH.
Featured: Forever 21 gold long sleeve dress, tucked into a black high-waisted skirt (which is actually a black tube top from Walmart woooooo). The black three buckled belt is from Forever 21 as well.
Featured: Forever 21 Pearl ring.
I took alot of pictures today. ENJOY THEM!!!!! ha.
My One Dimple. Yes, Only One.
Featured here, is the lovely, yet humongous fake diamond ring from Icing... I once got asked if it was real, and obviosuly I lied. The guy felt quite intimidated and left me soon after I said it cost a ridiculous figure.
I looked outside today and I saw the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen in my life. Welcome to London Ontario. bah. So I decided to pull on my dark brown faux fur shawl from Bianca Nygard to keep me warm.

Side View. Oh So Warm. I Know You're Jealous.Face Shot. Still Jealous. Get One.
I Know. I Take Too Many Pictures. Once Again, I Heart MacBooks Extremely.

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