Lady Gaga -Applause

Lady Gaga has done it again. She has evolved, morphed, and created a wonderful creature that will be loved unconditionally by her loyal little monsters. Applause went viral today, and Lady Gaga herself encourages your to order her single and pre-order her album ARTPOP. What do I love about it? For starters, SHE IS BACK. I have always been obsessed with Lady Gaga's amazingly jaw dropping, oh no she didn't style. And she is just as stunning as ever in her album cover, with her porcelain face dripping in watercolor. How sexy. She has taken on a new look, transformed her style into the next chapter of her ever changing life, and I am proud to say that I love it. Simpler and cleaner lines. Definitely a good look. As soon as I heard the beginning of this song, I knew it would be one I will be playing for a long time. Definitely a classic Gaga song in the making.

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