Hotel Missoni- A pefect home for my Missoni bathingsuit

 It all started when I was looking up Missoni to try and find the perfect winter gettaway bathing suit to wear on my tropical vacation while I escape the harsh cold weather in a place I call home. Because Missoni is known for their amazing striped patterns and eccentric colours, it seemed like the perfect place to start on my bikini hunt. As I got further and further into their website that truly reminded me of peering through a kaleidoscope, I stumbled across the information that Missoni has and will be opening up hotels around the world. As soon as I was exposed to the gorgeous pictures of the hotels currently in Edinburgh and Kuwait, I messaged my boyfriend and told him we were going. I don't know how much time I spent drooling over picture after picture of glorious Missoni patterned pillows, towels, wall art and carpets, but it was definitely enough to memorize the layout of the entire hotel. If you're ever looking for adventure, history and a little Missoni spice, be sure to check out their website and check availability. I know I definitely will be.

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