Style Trend: Hot Pink Animals

 You don't have to be a genius to know whats hot on the store racks right now. Animals. Animal skin prints to be exact. Its the hottest item of the season that you can get your manicured little fingers on. Try fighting for the last adorable snakeskin Coach bag- you'll need a new manicure. However, if you can wrap your head around it-animal prints are uber hot right now, especially in uber hot colours, such as hot pink. Here is a combination of sex, modern and sleek designs, including an amazing Burberry Leopard jacket.
Hot Pink Leopard Print speckcaseDiamonds Are Forever iPhone3 Case speckcasePink white zebra stripe fun stylish iphone 4 case speckcaseiPhone 4 Case Fuchsia Giraffe Pattern speckcase

Black Swan Poster printpassion 6 printMagenta Lips Print print

Hot Trends: Pink Dress

One shoulder cocktail dress
£20 -

Burberry prorsum
$1,645 -

¥2,100 -

Acne leather boots
$512 -

Michael kors handbag
$895 -

Miss Selfridge filigree ring
£10 -

Wayfarer sunglasses
$165 -

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