heels to make your skip and heart jump

Although this weather has been temperamental, the sun is sure to start shining strong with an absence of rain (fingers crossed). Just recently, I came back from the lovely country of Spain, where the weather was beautiful and I was ABLE to wear heels outside without A) having my toes frozen off B) completely destroying the heel due to snow or ice and C) being looked at like I was insane (there are probably other reasons, however they seem to be the top three).
When I came back home, I was so inspired by the warm weather, that I bought myself two new pairs of cute wedge and cork heels, which are perfect for summer and nautical inspired (so hot.)
So, here are some amazing and beautiful heels, or cute shoes which would be perfect to complete any summer outfit.
Remember to keep your overall look simple for the DAY TIME. Either pair a busy outfit with a pair of subtle flats, or doll up a not so flashy pair of jeans and shirt with killer heels. Either way, trust your judgment on pairing things together, and always feel confident in whatever you choose to wear. Heels can make or break an outfit, but you yourself have to love it for it to ultimately be beautiful in your eyes.
These fun and flirty shoes from Donna Karan New York can be paired with anything simple, from white to beige. Since their detail is so beautiful, try not to over do your outfit with anything busy, like a large pattern, or very textured fabric. Try and pair your outfit with a simple tote, like the one below.
Silk with Lotus Embroidery Platform Ankle Wrap Strappy Sandal, $1,290.00
DonnaKaran NewYork
Woven Leather Slim Tote $1,995.00
DonnaKaran NewYork

These sexy and statement making shoes should definitely be worn in a way that shows off your killer legs, and obviously your heels. Either make your outfit super sexy, with a short white dress and minimal jewelry, or pair it with a fun and flirty bathingsuit coverup like the one below. Sling a simple tote over your shoulder, and you're good to go to the beach!

Buckle Strap Ankle Wedge $1405.00

Yellow Vintage Look Leather Satchel $76.00

Posy Floral Print Cotton Voile Playsuit $340.00

This look is for more of the sleek and sexy type of woman, who loves sunbathing and looks European chic on the beach. She loves flashy and extravagant pieces, always looking for more sparkle. Here are some cute flats that you can wear virtually anywhere, and look absolutely stunning in. Pair it with a slinky beach wrap, and this sexy gold tote.  
Metal Cuffed Leather Sandals $785

Amalia Large Leather Shoulder Bag $1,490




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