just a typical thursday night...

so for one, I would like to apologize for not posting in an UBER long time... I have been sick, sleeping on the couch for what feels like a million years, but has really been about a week. In the past couple of days, I have somewhat been researching the runway shows which have been presented at Paris Fashion Week, and have been captivated by many of them. In my opinion, Louis Vuitton blew me out of the water. I loved the sexiness of the sheer fabrics, and the authority that each garment gave to the wearer. I felt as the hats played on an inspiration of an airline hostess or door woman, 'futurized'. If only I could have been there in person to see the gates open for each model to walk down the runway. For now, I can only lust over the thought. Here are some of the images which I LOVE, and someday hope to wear as well.

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