hawaii coverage: morning of day one

So for some of you, who are my close friends have heard the news that I have run off to Hawaii for the next 18 days. Just to clarify, the tsunami that rocked Japan had little affect on the shoreline here. However, the beach outside our condo is under construction, as there were three feet high waves that reached 35 feet inwards.

I have brought my laptop, so be ready for daily updates on my adventures, and the beautiful life found only in Hawaii. I'll be on the hunt for outrageous fashion trends as well, and still keep my loyal fans up to date on high fashion updates around the world as well.

Yesterday was a long day... as we were traveling for a total of 15 hours, and I probably pulled three all nighters through different time zones. Unfortunately, I woke up at around 5 in the morning local time, but it was definitely well worth it, because I spotted my first humpback whale jumping off in the distance.

Can I stay here forever??

LA Airport Lounge
Welcome to Cali

Los Angeles to Kona
Trendy Lady in the LA Lounge
Brother drawing on the plane to Kona
Statue in our condo
Humpback whales on the first day!

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