Louis Vuitton For Edun. Every Journey Begins In Africa Campaign

Ali Hewson and Bono launched the fashion line 'Edun' in 2005 to raise awareness for the people of Africa with respect to the Fashion Industry. The launch of Edun was based on strong principles to create jobs and ultimately relieve poverty stricken Africans.

Edun products are completely crafted in Africa, composed of cotton grown and farmed in Northern Uganda.

Louis Vuitton and the Keepall 45 Travel Duffel bag has collaborated with Bono and Ali's Edun Campaign to created a beautiful Louis Vuitton Duffel. The bag is priced at $4,900 USD and all proceeds go towards the Conservation Cotton Initiative, which promotes organic and eco-friendly cotton growing. The Conservation Cotton Initiative was established in 2007 by the Wildlife Conservation Socitety and Bono along with his wife Ali.

Each bag features an African inspired charm, crafted of ebony and bone spikes. Each spike is beautifully shaped, featuring Louis Vuittons signature pattern, coloured in spectacular ivory and brown shades.


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