cutout sweaters. make a statement?

Yesterday, I made the trip to Toronto to attend my SECOND (woo) fashion class of this Fall Term. Although I love London, and the people who have made the past two years of my life extremely enjoyable, Toronto seems to give me the right 'snug' fit that I needed with respect to fashion. My profs are amazing and are unbelievably talented, my classmates are the next designers, models and personal shoppers in an elite Torontonian group, and the buzz around campus is absolutely breathtaking. There is always something happening, no matter what time of night. 
The one thing that I love about Toronto and in particular, my classes, is that fashion NEVER sleeps. literally. I have personally witnessed five inch heels walk into a night classroom; which the duration is three hours. I have counted endless designer handbags and spotted even more labels on sunglasses. No one looks un-put-together. And if they do, you can sure as hell bet they did it on purpose. 
My course outline is like reading a letter saying that you have won the lottery. Yes, Fashion magazines are my required textbooks. 

My first assignment is to spot new fall trends while in a crowded area. 
Just so everyone knows, I am in love. 

Here is one piece of clothing that I've noticed I hope catches on, because I intend to sport a similar look at somepoint in the near future. A sweater similar to the ones below was worn by a classmate who was sitting infront of me, and I fell in love with it instantly. 


 Alexander Wang Cutout Knit Sweaters
all images from google image search.


Here are some other neat renditions...

Alexander Wang Cutout "DIY sucker" by Four Eyed Fun Knows Fashion: "DIY Studded Cutout Sweater from Salvation Army, DIY Bleached Jeans from Ross"


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