be a lady for halloween.

I sometimes ask myself, WHERE DID Lady Gaga come from? She memorized us with her catchy pop songs, drilling: 'this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick' into our brains, which definitely played a continuous loop in my head for some time. Then, she gave us an overdose of eye candy with her exotic and unconventional outfits, pretty much initiating the era of body suits and bare legs. I have yet to attempt this look, but time will only tell... 
For any of you, who are too shy to express your individual creativity during your normal, every-day life, why not be adventurous on the one day that we throw our morals on the ground, stomp on them, and toss them out the window? Halloween brings in all sorts of ridiculous costumes, and no one is 'technically' allowed to judge you for it. So dress up, show some skin, and maybe even some meat (for all you dirty people I'm talking about Lady Gaga's outfit at the 2010 VMAs), and make some noise while you rock out your costume. I've decided, like you should as well, to be a Lady for Halloween.  Grab some over the top fake eyelashes, glitter, a body suit, nix the leggings and add in some sparkles and a bleach blonde wig.


 all images taken from google searches. Images below are linked to host site with text.

Lady Gaga Blue Swimsuit Womens Costume






Lady Gaga Black & Silver Sequin Dress Adult Costume






Lady Gaga American Flag Outfit Womens Costume






Lady Gaga 2009 VMA White Performance Outfit Womens Costume

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