Style Review Launch Party

The day finally arrived, one that a large group of people had been waiting for for a pretty long time. The Sytle Society launched it's annual magazine, the Style Review.
Below is a sneak peak of what an amazing job the exec team pulled off.
To view the full magazine online, visit:

The issue takes you through a wide variety of styles, including vintage, tribal, gothic hip and burberry style prep. The photos are glorious, and the style is amazing. It's truly inspirational and teaches you quite a few things on how to amp up your own sense of style!

The editor, Stephanie DiBiase, did an excellent job on the magazine, and I had the pleasure of talking with her about a collaboration with my blog and the Style Review next year, as well as the Style Society's blog!

Here are some snap shots from the magazine, but they definitely do not do the real one justice!

We celebrated the launch at a cute little restaurant downtown London called Cello. They had a wide selection of martinis; anything from strawberry flavoured to leechi, to skittles, to sour candies. They were absolutely a perfect sophisticated touch to our stylish launch.
The restaurant itself was gorgeously hip, featuring leather couches, chandeliers and candlelit tables. It was as if we were in a chic bistro downtown New York!

The remains of my strawberry martini.

The models, dining.

Group shot.

Shraddha insisted I take a picture of her, she was wearing the cutest outfit, and was definitely bold wearing FUR! I absolutely loved it.
She took a purse chain and modified it to be a heaband, a vintage yellow shirt tucked into high waisted jeans, finally topped off with the fur jacket. gorg.

Is it obvious that she's the new VP Social for next year?

The boys came dressed classy, and we had a debate on why more men don't dress like this in public. Come on guys, the girls love it! (Truly)

All in all, it was a wonderful night, full of classy martinis and gorgeous clothes. Hopefully you check out the magazine, and enjoy it!

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