A Day Downtown.

After a long morning of packing up my apartment, I needed a break. So I called up my friend to go window shopping downtown London. There are tons of little boutiques hidden on the corners of Richmond, that I discovered many new places where I will shop from now on. They range from vintage, to sporty, to classy, to just about everything. For our outing, I decided to dressup, as per usual.

I'm wearing a cropped grey pin stripe blazer, a long white tank from Forever 21 that is adorned with black bandages, and black tights.

I paired everything with a thrifted black leather belt that is attached with chains, and a chain belt that I clipped on to it, allowing it to fall lower on my waist. One woman in a store even asked if my shirt came with the belts and I replied, no, I styled it. She was pretty impressed. :O

The weather's been kind of chilly lately, and I just wish that I would be able to run around in shorts and a tank, but no such luck lately. Fingers crossed for a nice sunny day, and I will surely see you downtown on a patio.

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