off to the library.

Short post today, I have to focus on studying. yay. I have a group project meeting at the library later on today, so I decided to get out of my gloomy apartment and enjoy the sunshine in the library (I picked a spot near the window). Above is my thrifted purse, along with a flower ring I wore from Kenneth Bell jewelries. (library desk lamp not included...)

Looking into the sunshine. After I took this picture I came to notice the artistic drapes... I've never realized them fully before.

Outfit of the day. In light of the spring weather! I'm wearing a Forever 21 flower printed skirt, black tights, an off the shoulder black tee and a short cropped blazer with the cutest (biggest) buttons.

Black and white.
ugh, I hate running away, but I have to do so in order to actually make my visit to the library worthwhile. tataaaaa

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