This proves I am ready for summer. I hardly wear winter savy outfits. I need to move somewhere warm asap. Snow is definitely an enemy of mine. I was walking out of my apartment today and an avalanche of snow dropped on my head. To some of you, that may sound funny, and to many more, that might look funny, but to me, its becoming an outrageously funny coincidence that its happened so many times...
Anyway, enough with that.
For many of you that know me, I hardly wear colour (as I have been saying many times), but for some reason, I have started off the week wearing two very colourful outfits! Today I grabbed a green Costa Blanca dress (from the summer), and paired it with tights. I made the outfit interesting with vintage jewelry (note the cool elephant necklace) and a thrifted belt.

Pictured here is a vintage necklace, which consists of a gold chain of metal elephants in vibrant pastel colours. I am also wearing a turquoise beaded cuff, and two turquoise necklaces worn as bracelets.

Featured here is a different belt than above, once again, it is thrifted. I could not decide which one I liked best, so I make the executive decision to show off both. As well, here is a somewhat better view of the bracelets.

I don't know what came over me while doing my makeup... but I decided to go green (wow, bold...) and it just so happened to make my green eyes glow. (I used blue eyeshadow as a eye liner below).

I decided to throw my hair in a casual pony tail.

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  1. very cute outfit, you have great fashion sense! and nice makeup too :) haha