a rouge afair.

yes, we went to rouge. yes, we did it up. and yes, we did it up with style.
even their handstamps have class.
if I saw you on thursday night, or even if I didn't, and you were at rouge, you're probably in this picture dancing up a storm. IT WAS PACKED.
FASHION FEATURE SPOTTED AT ROUGE: tights. every girl needs them in the winter, they are a life saver for your legs. make your legs look funky with different colours of the rainbow. featured here are Carly Hawkes fantastic pinktastic tights. she definitely rocked them.
FASHION FEATURE SPOTTED AT ROUGE: vintage. every girl wishes to pull it off, because we are all secretly in love with visions of the past. seen here are two gorgeous girls who recently made trips to a thrift store (that day!!), purchased clothes and sported them at the bar (basically their whole outfits, give or take a few items). lovely. the girl on the right even shows me a sweet mini hand cuff bracelet she snagged at the store that I was extremely jealous of.
SPOTTED> shelby. i love her outfit, she paired a cute black and grey somewhat tye dye dress with a lovely belt and bangles. absolutely gorgeous.

REVAMP. shirt from Costa Blanca. boring, and no fun. I decided to change it up.

I slipped my head through one of the arm holes and then weaved the other one over the front to create a twisted draped look. I was actually really happy with the outcome. so much better than the beginning piece of clothing. for sure.
since i draped it, the shirt became more of a dress, I was able to pull it down farther than normal. yay :)

I paired it with a leather jacket, and pulled back my hair into a ponytail. really really happy with the end result.
AND how can we forget the leggings? I would never. this is a neat pair, they are from Costa Blanca, and are striped. extremely neat. Who knew a random fashion out dated shirt and a pair of leggings could become so beautful? darn I'm good. wooooo

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