Yesterday's weather inspired a spring outfit. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I am not ashamed to say that I actually laid out on my deck and soaked up some rays during the afternoon. I am dreaming of sunny spring days and comfortingly cool nights. lalala

Being back at school, in the snow belt (just lovely), we were hit with a huge snowstorm today, and I unfortunately styled my outfit and dressed myself before looking out the window (BIG MISTAKE). The ground has just been decorated with upwards of 15 cm of snow. Grrr. I swear, I am moving after school to a place where it is a sign of the apocalypse if a snowflake falls from the sky...

Shown here is a cute three quarter sleeve length sweater from Forever 21, paired with a black tank. The roses are adorable, almost seeming if they were hand drawn and painted onto the sweater. This is probably my first piece of red clothing which I am anxious to wear... if you haven't noticed, I stick to blacks...

The main picture of my outfit doesn't do the skirt justice, it is covered by black swirls which are meant to represent a floral pattern. When I saw it in Forever 21, I fell in love at first sight. It's simple, elegant, classy, and makes a plain black skirt have character. J'adore.

Seeing how I never wear red, I really have no red accessories to pair with this outfit. Black accessories would have made for an outfit that looked over done. To make this outfit (somewhat) winterized, I paired it with black leggings. Too bad once I walk outside this glorious outfit is hidden underneath a parka and knee high snow/slush trudging boots. Yes, trudging.

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