A Little Shopping Trip to the Most Glorious and Fantasical Place

If you love jewelry as much as I do, and are longing to feel the experience of being a little kid in a candy shoppe for the first time, be sure to visit Kenneth Bell, a most wonderful jewelry store, which is located in Port Hope ON.

Yesterday, I went on a lovely outing to the downtown area of Port Hope to scout out the stores in hopes of finding my grandmother a birthday gift. Little did I know, that I would be captivated by the the cutest little shop for over an hour, sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of gorgeous accessories!

The exterior of Kenneth Bell, located at 20 Walton Street, Port Hope, gives off the small town, 'one of a kind' feel, which I love so much. The banner above the store includes a crown, which is to reflect the catchy slogan: Kenneth Bell, the King of Glitz. Enter the store and you will see that Ken Bell is truly the Glitz King. To snag the attention of passerbys, the windows are decorated from top to bottom with eye catching accessories, purses and jewels. The sight is truly captivating, and it gains the attention of anyone, from women to men, young to old.

The interior is something out of a fantasy children's book. The drapery hung from the ceiling enshrouds you in an atmosphere that makes you forget the worries of the world. It plainly and simply makes you feel happy. If they allowed customers to live in the back room, I would be the first to offer pay for rent! (only half kidding...)

Currently, the new Spring collection has arrived, which features lovely fresh pastel colours that beautify numerous necklaces, clutches, purses and jeweled bangles. This seasons 'it' objects are butterflies and floral arrangements, which can be seen as the focal point of many main and popular pieces within the store.

Oceanic themes can also be spotted within the new collection, using sea creatures such as star fish and coral to magnificently decorate chokers and bracelets.

And if Ken isn't talented enough by providing this jewelry haven to young ladies who could get lost for hours within the corners of his shop, he designs his own jewelry as well! His looks feature metal works and stones strategically placed to create glorious geometrically shaped necklaces. Here are only a few I stopped to take pictures of:

If this hasn't yet intrigued you to make a day trip to Port Hope, maybe the gorgeous rings I purchased will. Featured here is a black circular jeweled ring, a floral ring, a jewel encrusted spider ring, a golden pearl ring and a mirrored jewel ring. If you aren't convinced by the design, maybe you will be by the prices! I grabbed these five rings feverishly and the total came to around $25! (Kenneth Bell has an amazing 80% off sale on their fall collection for the moment, and it will probably continue into March!)

All the designs in the store are either hand made by Ken, or come from around North America, primarily from New York and LA for different designs.

I have just walked out of a fantastic dream of a shop and I could visit it every day in the future. You can sift through boxes upon boxes of wondrous items and will find yourself wanting everything in the store. It is absolutely wonderful.

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