thursday morning's outfit, inspired by business class.

Today I decided to display a classy, masculine yet feminine look for my business class. I also tried to splash some colour into my outfit, but it doesn't really do the word 'colour' justice. Shown here is a Joe Fresh dark violet pleated silk long tank accompanied with a wine coloured vintage belt with a gold buckle found at a thrift store. Throw on some vintage long chain necklaces...

Full length view f the outfit. I decided to pair it with my favourite black blazer for the business woman look. The shirt isn't as long as I wanted, so I had to pair the outfit with leggings instead of stockings. As well, I got a noticed that there is an extreme cold warning today, so I'm some what happy I'm playing it a bit safe. As always, I like to wear large jewels on my fingers.

To complete the look, I pulled my hair back in a loose pony tail. My hair is getting so long that if I wore it down half of my outfit would be covered in a blonde mane! ha. I need a haircut, soontimes. In the meantime, I'll feature it in a low pony.

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