Hermes spring summer 2010 ad campaign- into the looking glass we go

When I was flipping through my newest Harper's Bazaar, I came across the lovely add below for Hermes. I was captivated by the lovely colours and the amazing techniques that were used to make the add fantasy like. I realized at once that this add was inspired by the Princess and the Pea (when she's sleeping on a million trillion mattresses). I loved it so much, so I researched the add campaign. Lo and behold, the whole add campaign was fairy tale inspired! ENJOY! I know I did. (a bit too much probably).The Princess and the Pea. (the pea is close to the end of the braid underneath the pillows)
I absolutely love the colours in this add. Hermes is known for the light tribal colours, I remeber when they did their India campaign. The colours always remind me of a lovely sunset on the Sahara Desert.
I'm guessing here, but I would assume this add has something to do with a genie. The magnificently coloured orange scarf is coming out of a bottle (lamp or candle). The placement of the models arms also reasurres the imagery of being a genie.
The Little Mermaid:
This one is a tad easier to decipher. The model represents a mermaid in a lovely pool of turquoise water. The red handband stands out and the colours and shape are complimented by the models skin tone and pose.
I'm at a loss at this one, but I will just go ahead and say Pocahontas? Let me know if you have any ideas...
This one is also a tad hard, but personally, this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I know that Alice is never trapped in a tree with a miniature house, but the tea set and the warped sense of object size made me think of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. EASY PEASY! Cinderella, for sure. This is taken right out of the fairy tale story, when Cinderella loses her shoe on the castle steps and Prince Charming decides to find the owner and the shoe fits perfectly on Cinderella's tiny feet. I absolutely love both of these adds (above and below)
Hermes, Spring Summer 2010 add campaign. A fairy tale dipiction come true.

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