just another typical thursday...

Break-down of today's outfit.
Woke up in the morning with basically a birds nest in my hair, and while in the shower decided on a (classy) grunge look. (Maybe inspired by a possible bird house ontop of my head?) Hopping out of the shower...mmmmm spaghetti wet noodle hair! As a great laugh for the day, it froze on my walk to class. Thank you Canadian winters for the lovely icicle hat I wore while walking down a major street. Only slightly embarrassing... Hopefully my outfit makes up for my embarrassing start to the morning.
Black. Studs. Leather.
Black studded shirt from Sirens. I found it buried in my closet. At one point in time I wanted to destroy it and reconstruct it into something else, using the studs. However, on this fine (sunny!!) Thursday morning, I appreciate that I didn't.

Black Blazer.
Decided to add a bit more masculine class to this outfit, I absolutely love the look of blazers. I found this one at Value Village. Yes, I know what you're thinking, it was an amazing find.
Love.Love.Love the Blazer

Still love it. Can't you tell?
I like to think I'm creative.
One of my gold chain belts had a recent misfortune. It broke. However, my heart is now mended due to my brilliant decision to feature it as a bracelet. On the other arm is a silver circle link cuff.

The Cutest.Clutch.
AKIRA has a gorgeous clutch that would look lovely accompanying my outfit today.

Juicy Gossip.
Bah. Chris Brown, are you going BUNGEE JUMPING with those pants?

Chris Brown in Milan, sporting a fashion no-no outfit.
honorable mention to @fashionfoigras on twitter for this epic failure of an outfit picture.

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