Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids are making a huge comeback, and have become a fashionable hairstyle that celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence to Youtube stars like Zoella have been rocking in all different forms. Having long hair is definitely a plus when creating this look, and fortunately my attempt was not half bad! It is such an easy hairstyle to do, it takes less than twenty minutes! (The version I did was with a fishtail braid, and took a little longer than a normal braid would). 
After washing my hair with Pantene or John Frida's sheer blonde, I started to work on my hair. I like to do this hairstyle while my hair is still wet, as I find longer hair is easier to manage into braids when it is damp.
I parted my hair in two, and braided each side with a large fishtail braid. I then wrapped each braid over the top of my head and secured the ends with bobby pins. If you want more of a messy look, pull the hair in the braids lightly, making the plats larger and messier. 
Leave me a comment and let me know if you like the hairstyle and if you have tried to do it yourself!

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