A Tribute to L'Wren Scott - Found Dead in Her Apartment

Image taken from Vogue Archive Photographed by François Halard, Vogue, May 2012

Devastated fashion fans, family, friends and boyfriend Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones were shocked to find out about the death of model and fashion designer L'Wren Scott. She was found yesterday morning (Monday March 17th 2014) in her apartment supposedly unconscious by her personal assistant. It was later determined that she hanged herself. Although many have seen her brand as successful, it was recently determined that she was $6 million dollar in debt. She was quoted as being embarrassed that her design label was not producing enough money (Daily Mail UK) and this as been the suspicion of the cause around her sudden suicide.

Seen below is the SS RTW 2014 Collection recently released by L'Wren Scott in September 2013 for London Fashion Week. It is a collection of edgy and ancient inspired pieces which reflect inspirations from textiles in Tokyo.

Quote taken from Vogue Review by Hamish Bowles:
L’Wren Scott was haunted by the poignant story behind a seventeenth-century Tagasode screen that she saw in the Tokyo textile museum. Literally meaning “whose sleeves?” these exquisitely painted screens depict a woman’s wardrobe finery carefully displayed on clotheslines or draped over wooden frames—the clothes telling her character as surely as a portrait would. The backstory is that the woman’s husband is at war and she cannot wear her finery whilst he is away, so she displays it to show visiting friends instead. The question hanging in the air, of course, is: Will he ever return? 

Images below taken from L'Wren


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