Ocean Wedding

Recently I was able to attend my cousin's wedding in the Dominican Republic. She had organized it perfectly, all down to the last detail. On top of her amazing reception and of course dress, sshe had these cute little gift bags for all the guests that included a rope necklace (if you were a girl) and an pair of sandals (if you were a guy). She wore this beautiful and simplistic dress which matched perfectly against the seascape. Her venue was right on the beach- everyone was able to take off their shoes and walk around in the sand. It was absolutely spectacular.

If you are planning your own wedding on the beach on some gorgeous island, then you are surely in for a treat. This inspiration board above is perfect for any beach wedding. Simple yet stunning jewelry is always a must, having a boat, or some sort of nautical inspiration is always good as well. Your dress should be simplistic yet elegant, however opt for a shorter cut, as you will be stepping around in the sand. Ocean inspired jewelry is always a good thing as well, as nautical pieces intrigue guests and they are a great addition to your wedding favors. Your venue should be just as you imagined it- perfect. It should be simple yet engaging as well. Add some small accents such as coral or starfish to your setting. Also, use beach colors like blue, teal, and beige in your placements. Here is an example of a wedding invitation below.

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Knot Necklace

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