2012 Grammys Style Watch

BEST and Worst. I love Carrie Underwood's simplicity and sparkle. She is absolutely stunning as she walks the red carpet for the 2012 Grammy Awards. And although Fergie definitely pulls off her dress spectacularly, I thought a more appropriate outfit should have been worn to the Grammys. She still looks killer however. All images below taken from

Love Kim's dress. She has such a great figure. 

Can I just say that Rihanna looks stunning as well. Simplicity is key, and she accentuated it perfectly with her tousled hair. 

Ruffles ruffles ruffles, and details singed at the side of your waist. Whether it be a strapless or over the shoulder, one consistent is definitely a lovely grouping of detail on the side of your waist.  

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