A splash of colour

As I always enjoy Tommy Ton's street photography, I do specifically like his menswear shots. Men seem to have a certain presence on the street, filled with elegance and stature. Whether it be multiple layers, bold accents or simple subtleties, men's streetwear seems to fascinate me beyond no end. This weeks trend seems to be a 'splash of colour', throwing in a little excitement into a bland mix. Why not spice up a plain suit with a little hint of umph. In order to pull off this look properly, one must learn to not over do the splash of colour, making it seem as if you are swimming in Skittles. Hints of colour are the way to go, and no matter how small they are, they will be noticed against a stark plain outfit. For example, coloured buttons on a blazer, a simple scarf or layered jackets. Stay away from dressing all in one colour, or dressing in multiple colours that do not match.
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