A day at the races

Today marks the first day of Autumn, or Fall. Whichever one makes the season sound more appealing. Personally, I prefer Autumn. Ideally, I would like to spend my Autumn days perusing about in Burberry coats, high leather brown boots from Michael Kors and toting around my beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag whilst at a horse race, or maybe a polo match. After a hard day's work I would love to sit back, relax and sip an elegant martini, with three olives. Of course, my life would be perfect if I could do that every day. Till then, I'll just become inspired by the thought. Here is an adorable melody of all things that reminded me of a perfect crisp Autumn day (in all shades of tan).
Tan and Grey Squiggly Patterned iPhone 4 Case speckcaseTan Black Checks Pattern iphone 4 speckcaseTan Plaid iPhone 3 speckcasevintage etched roses design speckcaseFalse Leather speckcaseTan Designs speckcaseBrown Fashion Pattern iPhone 4 Case speckcase
Luminous printMartini (brown Stripes) printOld Fedora Hat Design print
468. Street Style: Atlantic-Pacific

ASOS tshirt dress
475 SEK -

Burberry gabardine trench coat
$1,195 -

Banana republic shoes
$140 -

Mulberry brown bag
$1,800 -

Prism metal shades
$400 -

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