Old Fashioned Cameras for iPhone Cases

There is this notion, that in the summer, all things resort back to the beginning. People want simple, people want retro, and add their own chic twist to the old. A great example of this fad would be the old fashion camera as a fashion accessory. People can be seen with them slung across their shoulders, posing for pictures, or snapping a few themselves. They are also seen on accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. So, I did a little bit of hunting and found some great images that are old fashioned camera inspired. After this, I thought it would be a great idea to showcase some newer and fresher items that are retro camera inspired. I am just fascinated with the idea of having a picture of an old camera placed on your iphone case. Wouldn't it be neat to shake up a picture of yourself holding a state of the art iphone with an old camera picture rather than having an old camera? To me, the thought is neat, and would put a different spin on people's perspective of things. Click on any of the iphone images below to be taken to, where you can completely customize each case to fit your own personal needs!

HawkEye Iphone4 speckcaseInsta Case Iphone3 speckcase

supercolor polaroid speckcaseColorpack 88 Iphone4 speckcase

Vintage Camera iPhone 4 Case speckcaseINSTAMATIC RETRO CAMERA iPhone Case speckcase

Fashion Shot

Christian Bale

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