a collection from the weekend

This past weekend, the theme of nautical was everywhere. First off, I went out for dinner at a patio by the harbor, which was very cute and quaint. The atmosphere was amazing, and as the sun was setting it lit up all of the boats in a very romantic setting. I ate the most delicious food, and it was also the first time I heard of, and proceeded to devower a thing called goats cheese cake. The next day I headed off to work wearing a gorgeous pearl necklace. On Sunday, we went sailing on the lake for a good portion of the afternoon. It was absolutely wonderful; the weather was superb and the sun was shining.

crisp rosemary toasted bread, goats cheese cake with apricots, cranberries and candied raisons. 

hummus and goats cheese salad, with toasted pitas, chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and yellow carrots. 

mixed greens with candied pear dressing, strawberries, goats cheese, grapes and crusty croutons. 

went off to work wearing this gorgeous pearl necklace.

fathers day: went on the boat for a three hour cruise along the lake. it was gorgeous outside

suntanned on the front deck

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