Kelly Cutrone: Normmal Gets You Nowhere

Back in black, yet again, Kelly Cutrone will take you on a wild ride of whipping you into shape, making sure you don't cut any corners. Normal Gets You Nowhere will shock you, inspire you and challenge you.
When her first novel came onto the scene, (
If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You), young and older people all around jumped at the chance to purchase a fresh new voice with a creative twist to changing your attitude. Falling in love with the first one, it is almost obvious that everyone will with the second. Normal Gets You Nowhere  doesn't sugar-coat life for you, it just explains it like it is, and hopefully helps you grow a tough skin to excel as a person in this world. It gives you a chance to reflect on who you are, re-invent yourself and create a personality who will thrive and become the best they can be in a given situation.
Remember, normal, will get you nowhere. You must standout, and show your true colours.

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