Born this Way- on Amazon for $0.99

Come this Monday morning, little monsters around the world woke up extremely happy, and are looking for a day filled with Gaga's newest and most amazing songs. As of May 23rd, has released the album, and is selling it at a mere $0.99. Can you believe that? Even if you're not a Gaga fan, whats the harm in spending 99 cents to become one? She is truly captivating, and I am telling you honestly, she will turn your world upside down. She is definitely an inspirational and motivational person. I have provided links for you to pick and search which album you would like to buy. Click on the $7.99 option to find the $0.99 option for MP3 downloads.

Her style has changed a bit from her original poker face image, yet she still captivates people around the globe with her bold statements, wild outfits and powerful words. I am guilty of following her on twitter (yes), and I constantly look at her updates, as she is a truly inspiring woman, and the world seems to concur. I came across this drawing of her for i-D magazine. Absolutely stunning. 

In addition, I thought it would be fun to find some iphone cases that suit the historical Gaga events of the day. Click on the images to fully customize your own 'Born this Way' Gaga iphone case!

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