Local London Model Susan Boron

Wavelength Imagery
Photographed by Steven & Anthony
Model & MUA-Susan Boron
Credits: Andrew Paquet Photography (
Credits: Gerald Mabee Photography--November 2010
Credits: Andrew Paquet Photograpy (

London Free Press-Featured Fashion Photo-Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 "Pump it up" Check out the picture at the news stand today! 

There is no doubt in my mind that Susan Boron (Susan Chlipala) will go far in the modelling world. Aspiring to be the famed 'super model' by making it on her own terms, she is determined, fierce and definitely has a certain edginess that will get her far. By taking a quick glance at Susan's photos, you are memorized by her unique and beautiful appearance. You can thank her Russian-Polish background for her stunning and one-of-a-kind distinct European look. Susan has been modeling for just over a year now, and at only 20 years old, she has modeled for Rogers TV, University of Western Ontario's Campus Recreation, the Western Gazette, the London Free Press, the Toronto Sun and numerous Sun Medias across the country. She has also done creative work with many local Fanshawe College student photographers.
Modeling may seem like a glamorous job, however there are some snags to it, and Susan has encountered many. Pressured to lose weight and perfect her skin, she decided to quit her agency in December 2010 and attempt to publicize herself, working as her own agency. She's successfully doing this through social medias such as Facebook and Model Mayhem- an online 'everything fashion related' directory, where individuals can promote themselves. You can visit her Facebook fan page here: (
Susan would love the support, and for fans to check her status updates for new modeling opportunities and events that she will be attending in order to get her name out in the fashion world. 
Since January 2011, she has done over eight local London fashion shows, collaborated with over 30 photographers and is still in the midst of booking new gigs with Sun Medias Newspapers. She has experienced the work of many talented makeup artists, hair stylists and worked closely with two popular fashion lines; D'Lane Fashions Inc., and Loco.Eleven.Apparel Co.
Susan is currently looking to expand her online portfolio to create a beautiful set of photos which will catch the eye of influential people within the fashion industry. She is a determined and extremely creative individual who is willing to try new things to make a statement.
At the moment, Susan is signed with Exclusive Models and is in the works to get signed with Gemini Models this coming summer.  

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