1960's Inspired Photo Shoot

Recently, I was asked to complete a project which consisted of styling six cohesive looks which could be seen in an editorial spread in a magazine. My duties included sourcing the clothes, styling them in an attractive manner, hiring a professional model, photographer and makeup artist, and booking a location for the photoshoot. It was a crazy and intensely creative project which I will aboslutely do again in the future.
Samantha B from Sutherland Model Works Division
Jennifer Clarke Stylist
Zach Garand from Supafly Productions
Nirvana Hair Studio and Salon in Port Hope
Acanthus Interiors in Port Hope

My vision for the photo shoot was to portray a woman in the 1960's, who spends her whole day prepping to greet her husband at the door after he has finished work, looking extremely polished and beautiful, presenting him with a scotch on the rocks. This woman is elegant, sophisticated and knows she is beautiful. I adequately named the shoot "Welcome Home Honey".

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