Travel Must Sees Around the World.

As I look out my kitchen window on this late February morning, I cannot help but to notice how gloomy the ominous dark clouds, sweeping winds and blustering snow are making me feel. Reading week has just passed and the pictures of Cabo, Mexico, Punta Cana and southern regions of the world are popping up of facebook, taunting my deathly white skin; screaming that I 1) need a tan 2) need to get out of Canada and 3) I am just not physically built to endure cold weather like what we are currently experiencing... I vow, that one day I will be blogging from somewhere warm and sunny, where the temperature never reaches below 20C (that's reasonable isn't it? ha). Anyway, my rant has a good purpose: for all of you people who stayed in Canada like I did during this well known 'let's skip off to Cancun' week, here are some great places around the world which definitely offer a tad more sun, history and interesting culture than you're probably experiencing at home. I guess I can't complain toooo much, since I am flying off to Hawaii in a couple weeks. (wooooo).

Anyway, click on the link below the images to be redirected to the most amazing places on earth (in virtual internet explorer form of course).


Annecy: a Town in the French alps just outside of Courchevel, a ski town in the mountains. 
A Dior store inside the Cheval Blanc Hotel
A view of the French Alps.

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