Galliano for Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011

Any runway show has the potential power to transform a catwalk into a beautiful vision of life, recreated infront of our eyes, to launch us into a story; a creation from imagination. 
John Galliano not only does this, he takes you on a magical journey to a place you never thought you would end up, shakes you up a couple times with bursts of excitement and then reveals his initial inspiration, that literally blows your mind. 
His fantasy world comes to real life on the runway, yet when you're watching it, there is no sense of time, realism or additional purpose in life, other than concentrating on not blinking to ensure you have not missed one second of the show. (maybe this is just me...)
Models walked elegantly down the runway in an abundance of tulle, lace and adornments. It was as if Galliano hand ever so carefully painted the clothes on the models. Artistic movements were such an inspiration for the show, that the hats were actually designed to look as if they were brush strokes. 
Galliano took inspiration from Rene Gruau, a largely influential Dior illustrator, pushing the boundaries with the technique called chiaroscuro' (light and shade). He envisioned each signature piece with a spotlight behind the right shoulder, creating light and dark shades which elegantly cascaded down the clothing. 
Makeup was fierce, for the lack of a better word. Flames were beautifully drawn on eyelids and eyebrows were enhanced and coloured with paper cutouts. Pale-ness was accentuated by painting faces and legs, to give a portrayal of the ultimate, pure and untouchable beauty.  
Dior's models seemed as if they had floated off a cloud from the past, sprinkled with a touch of faerie dust and given an electrifying spark of sexiness. 

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