crochet and macrame making a comeback in 2011

Visions of the 1970's
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Bringing back old memories can be extremely fun, especially when you've seen them transform with the newest technology and fashion. These macrame fashions are clearly outdated, however there is something amazing and beautiful about them, that will be timeless, and will always influence the way we dress today.

catherine malandrino spring/summer 2011

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This collection was found while mindlessly sifting through endless fashion blogs. Macrame has taken an unconventional edgy spin in Catherine Malandrino's collection, mixing sexy, with the original connotation of macrame, which is 'hippy-ish' and fun an flirty. Here, sci-fi has made an influence on these sexy pieces (especially the first) giving it a 'Tron' feel. The macrame boots are to die for, and I am lusting after a pair right now. 

Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2011
This Spring Summer collection is full of whimsical frills, paisley patterns and soft hues. There is a great inspiration from the hippie era, with flowy soft dresses, headbands and macrame details. Each piece is absolutely gorgeous, and can be pictured being worn on an exotic beach during sunset. 

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Gucci Spring Summer 2011
Macrame Inspired Accessories


Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2011
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 Macrame inspired beach wear is sexy, skimpy and shows a fun and playful side to your youthfullness. Here is Ferragamo's cute and flirty sun dress with accompanying crochet handbag. This outfit is so magical, it is as if it is straight out of a 1970's major motion film. 

Dior Spring Summer 2011
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Roberto Cavalli Spring Summer 2011
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Julien MacDonald Spring Summer 2011
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