roadtrip to the beach

Everyone loves hopping in the car on a whim, not really knowing where they're going to end up, on a sunny, absolutely gorgeous afternoon. And that, is exactly what I did. Thanks to Natasha Bedingfield and her pocket full of sunshine, I blasted my stereo and headed in the direction of the beach. Single, Unwritten and These Words later, we found sun, sand, and water (unfortunately lake water... one can dream about oceans I guess).

I found a tye-dye scarf among my mess of a room (my closet has seemed to have exploded all over my floor..) I makeshifted it into a shirt, and paired it with a pair of jean shorts. Later, at the beach, I took it off and wore it as a headband.

An hour or so later, we were rushed off our beach towels by the sound of omnious thunder and bright flashes of lightning. Oh well, the time spent was ridiculously hot, and I got to witness a seagull swoop down and snatch a chicken finger straight from my brothers fingers, inches of him putting it in his mouth. It was quite a sight.

beach carnival.
sandy feet. 

beach football. 


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