fashion marketing internship.

For all of you who read about my fashionably influenced lifestyle... I recently was accepted as a marketing intern for the summer at a clothing house in Toronto called "House of Spy"/ "Maison".
Here are the juicy deets:
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Maison’s Story

A lab couldn’t contain the creative prowess of former biology student, Wendy Wong. Busting loose of her scientific constraints, Wong burst onto the fashion scene in 2000 with her clothing line, House of Spy.

While studying Biology at the University of Toronto, she took a part time job as a receptionist at the International Academy of Design and Technology. Discovering one of the perks of the job was free courses, Wong wasted no time getting stuck into pattern drafting and clothing construction courses. By her second year, in the war between science and fashion, fashion was definitely winning. She finished up her degree and got straight to work making clothing samples.

Her first collection was only eight pieces, all made out of nylon, which, after much cold calling, she managed to get in a dozen stores in Ontario, Canada. Interest and sales took off from there. Trading in her test tubes for fashion design was a bold move which paid off. House of Spy was being sold in many super stylish boutiques throughout Canada and the US and the list of countries yearning for some House of Spy style kept growing.

Debuting Fall/Winter 2010, House of Spy made the switch to Maison, reflecting a more sophisticated direction for the collection. The edgy feminine shapes that have garnered this brand a loyal following among hip young women everywhere, will now be indispensable in taking those women from day to night.

Spring 2010 Collection

(Absolutely Gorgeous, Might I Say)

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