tuesday's outfit. photoshoot.

Over the break I went shopping (as always...) and I made a trip to Forever 21. It has to be one of my favourite places, just due to the fact that all of their clothes are fun and chic, not to mention inexpensive as well! Today, I'm wearing a white tank top dress, which is striped with black ribbon, paired with a grey checkered blazer and tights. To spice things up, I added a Kenneth Bell black ring, a silver vintage bangle, and an assortment of necklaces. Pictured below are extreme closeups to showcase the jewelry in more detail.

PS!!!! I just so happened to google 'Fashion Uncensored', yes.. I apparently have too much time on my hands... and I have officially made it to the EIGHTH spot on google! wooo. I'm moving on up...

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  1. this shirt reminds me of gwen stefani's lamb line..
    really like it!