my outfit.. I woke up way too early, and just want it to be summer

So, I can finally say that by 3:30 this afternoon, I will finally be done my hectic life, and will see the light of day again (its been too long!). I woke up extremely early, yet again, to study for my English exam that I have so conveniently in two hours. woo. Anyway, I felt like praying from spring this morning (or better yet, summer!) So I dressed in colour. Wow. save these pictures ladies and gents, you will RARELY see this woman sporting anything other than a 'shade'.

Featured here is an outfit that I somewhat dreamt about last night (ya, I'm that cool). Its a peach thrifted skirt, turned into a strapless dress, with a vintage cotton white vest, belted with a thrifted gold and white belt.

See here is my jewelry for the day... A forever 21 headband, forever 21 pearl ring, a personal hand made rock bangle, a shell necklace made into a bracelet, and a gold bangle.

A better view of everything. Two strands of Chinese pearl necklaces, and a vintage chain.

Better view of the outfit.

Seen here is the rock bangle I made! woo.


I saw someone wearing a really neat fur vest one time downtown, and I have this somewhat of a snowboarder fur sweater in my closet. I really wanted a vest. So, I took my scissors out, and lo and behold, out came a vest. I'm going to try and see what I can pair it up with later on. Maybe even tonight!?

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