monday's outfit. WOW colour! that's an extreme rarity.

Wow... you can definitely tell the difference in quality with these pics! GLORIOUS. I am never going back to the old ways...

COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR. Some one possessed me today.. I never wear colour! :PFeatured here is a vibrant spring yellow Kersh long sleeved sweater, it's one of those ones that is shorter in the back and has two long front panels which can be tied in a knot..
I'm wearing a tank dress that could possibly be considered tye-dye, but I dont think that's quite accurate.. I found it in a boutique downtown Toronto. I absolutely love the colours, and paired with the sweater, it's adorable. I guess I'm wearing spring colours in hopes of an early spring, some one please answer my prayers... Anyway, it's extremely cute, and I paired it with black leggings, as well as this lovely Costa Blanca black and gold buckled belt, which I have been wearing quite often lately.
Here's a top view of the dress, I love the studs and their rusted look, which are extremely in right now. Notice my nails.. I painted them pink! OVERLOAD OF COLOR haa.
So I decided to feature my jewelry for the day... it consists of a vintage necklace, turned into a bracelet, a gold bangle, and a stone bangle, which I personally designed and made.
Close up. The necklace bracelet hangs magnificently in this snapshot. Below is the professional photo taken of the stone bangle.

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