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Bain de Mer - Numéro #110 - Caroline Trentini by Richard Bush

This mint color is absolutely gorgeous this season, and the choker necklace is to die for. I would love to wear this while sipping margaritas on the beach.

Shown here is a gorgeous outfit, which features a beaded skirt, a lovely black plunging neckline top, and an assortment of huge wooden and metal bangles.

The olive green shawl compliments the earthly coloured skirt adorned with a gold buckle.

Gold metal bangles, black and white stripes. Lovely.

Tropical colours infused in tribal patterns in an amazing body suit.

Hard rock meets a sexy beach scene.

I am in love with the chain leather jacket and the leopard print one piece. I need to go shopping asap...

A leather suit and beaded tshirt make for a gorgeous sight, especially with the addition of a chunky choker.

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