Calvin Klein Holds Fashion Show in Singapore Prison.

LUXURY INSIDER RECENTLY DID A PIECE ON CALVIN KLEIN'S 2010 COLLECTION. At the end of January, this year, Calvin Klein took a creative step in the world of fashion. For his Spring 2010 collection, Klein displayed this masterpiece of his clothing line in the Queenstown Remand Prison in Singapore.
Before you picture inmates drooling over the gorgeous models, I'd love to inform you that the penitentiary actually closed down last August. When I first pictured it, I did just that!
The clothing is simple, yet elegant, a feature that is very dominant in many Spring 2010 collections.
A splash of colour. Red exudes elegance, and these outfits are surrounded in an aura of it.
Luxury Insider states that: 'Calvin Klein has also pledged their support to the Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) which helps rehabilitate ex-offenders. They will donate 20% of all the sales from their four free-standing stores in Singapore between January 22-24 and January 29-31.' (Quote from Luxury Insider)
Maitre Ds are waiting to serve you along the prison walls. Notice the barbed wire, and the extremely intense lighting infused with colour. It gives off an amazing image. Chilling almost.
With every fashion show, you must have a DJ. Here, he is situated in a cage like compartment (of course! it is a Prison!). Notice yet again the barbed wire in the background.

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