recap of fashion at the grammys. some hits and misses...

So, I grabbed a collection of photos from MTV's live update of what people wore on the red carpet to the Grammys. I assesed, voted, and fell in love with many (not all... britney, not all) of the outfits. Look for yourself!!!!!!There's something about Rihanna that I love. Maybe its the hair, maybe its her facial features, or her skin colour, but I am just absolutely obsessed with HER. I love this dress too, and the way it flows exactly like a waterfall or a collection of clouds in the sky. She is absolutely stunning in this dress and in my opinion, was the sexiest on the runway. HIT HIT HIT.
TAY SWIFT is a HIT, and apparently in the music world too, cleaning up a Grammy just before the show ended. Apparently her dad and brother are cheering for joy at home (where was it again)? I swear she has telekinetic powers.
BRITNEY! I didn't know you were doing an ad campaign for lace and unitards for American Apparel! You know youre supposed to wear pants with a UNI right? or a skirt? or ANYTHING? Fishnet stockings aren't really going to cut it... even Lady Gaga wore more clothing than you... and thats a rarity!
Ke$ha. Even though this outfit is actually out of the 1920s (flapper style) Ke$ha pulls it off indefinitely. She is absolutely gorgeous and sexy, and he pout puts it all together. HIT HIT HIT.
Dominatrix? CIARA?? MISS...I have yet to understand this composition of this outfit and I can say to you all that I have probably been staring at it for a good ten minutes. Those minutes I will never be able to retrieve again. oopps sorry Ciara, but I'm just utterly confused. Shed some light?
Pink. Wow, she does clean up nice. HIT. I love this dress, especially the layers and how it makes PINK look feminine, even though sometimes I know she likes to NOT. The fountain flow of dark colours make up for the lovely sequined corset top that I have fallen in love with (as soon as EYE spyed it)
Keri Hilson. HIT!!!!!! I love this mermaid design to the dress, and the colour compliments her skin tone magnificently. I absolutely love this.
ALL I CAN SAY IS HIT HIT HIT (HOT TOO). Beyonce, you know how to bring it, and you always do it with style and class. I love you and your fashion choices.
Lea Michelle. Absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely a HIT. I would wear this in two seconds. Send the dress in the mail? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
Lady Gaga. Her hair I'm hoping is fake... I love you truly Miss Gaga, but you almost look like outer space Barbie. See it in Toys R Us next week for its debut. She even comes with her own hand held constellation. Be careful with those spikes. Not intended for ages ten and younger. Batteries not included. UMMMM. MISS.
Snooki and the Situation. I find how tiny she is a tad of a 'situation'. I just want to say MISS.
Imogen Heap. "Whatcha Say" who your designer was??... I might recommend a different one. Is that actually an umbrella? Ya, definitely MISS. Is that umbrella really going to save you from any type of rain? not really.... maybe its for the sun? She seems a tad vampire-ish white.

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